How Does COVID-19 Make It Safer to Sell on Amazon?

How to sell products on Amazon

It’s a very different world we’re living in these days! Nothing is open, everyone has to stay inside, and we are all doing our best to stay healthy. We hope you are staying safe and healthy!

It is because of this however, we’ve had an influx of support requests and have decided to re-open our (virtual, course) doors to help sellers out. We’re also offering special discounts in light of the financial situations many of us are faced with as a result. Details on this, and answers to questions such as how to sell products on Amazon prime right now at the end of the article.

That said, there has also been an explosion of online ordering, as consumers look online to fulfill their orders in a cleaner, safer manner. 

If you’re a small business, brick and mortar store looking to move their business online, or a potential seller waiting for the right time to sell through Amazon, we cannot stress enough: Now is the time to act! 

Amazon Orders are way up! 

Online ordering is way up. Amazon announced they’re hiring 100,000 additional workers to help with the surge in demand. Demand is high and there is no doubt any new seller is able to create an online income through Amazon right now — as long as your product research and execution it’s done correctly 

While we are all looking forward to the days when we can all walk around freely again, there is reason to think that shopping patterns may shift to online more permanently. The COVID-19 crisis aside (what!?), we’ve seen a strong upward trend of online shopping overtaking brick-and-mortar sales for years, and the current social distancing regulations may speed this trend permanently. 

You’re taking advantage of brand recognition. 

For those of your already selling products in-store — you can still do both once this is over! When you sell through Amazon, you’re getting to use Amazon’s name cache for a very small price. You either pay $0.99 per unit sold or $39.99 per month – not a huge price. Let’s face it, it’s difficult to build your own site and drive your own organic traffic to your product. Already have a website? Great – simply add a link to your Amazon page, When listing with Amazon, you have the clientele come searching for you


Can I Sell on Amazon if I Don’t Already Have Products?

Absolutely! That’s what we train most of our sellers to do — how to become a seller on Amazon. Once you learn the right way to do Amazon Product Research, you will find the best selling products on Amazon every time. 

If you’re able to invest the time and the extra income, Amazon may be the best opportunity to stay afloat through the Amazon FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) program. 

We’re never going to lie to you though: you cannot start selling on Amazon for $1000 — no matter what anyone says. Learn about all associated starting costs here.

But what’s going on with non-essential shipping? 

If you’re an Amazon seller, you have the option to ship through Amazon (you’ll pay fees to Amazon, who will then ship the product for you). Due to the high demand for deliveries all over the world, Amazon is prioritizing the shipping of essential goods over non-essential goods. 

What is an essential good? 

Things like toilet paper, Clorox wipes, toiletries, groceries, and baby products. Learn all the items Amazon categorizes as essential goods

How does this affect my Amazon Listing? 

If your product is an essential good, you’re in luck! Amazon will still prioritize your products, allowing you to take advantage of their prime 2-day delivery windows. Congrats! Now go and sell us some toilet paper! We’re running low. 

If, however, you sell non-essential items, you need only get creative. Delivery windows for Fulfillment by Amazon shipping your non-essential good can be up to a month away from now. 

That, for most buyers and sellers, these kinds of wait times have become unacceptable. 

What do I do if my Amazon Product is non-essential?

Let me guess, you’re thinking I thought you said it was a great time to sell!? It is. There’s another option — two in fact:

  1. Fulfillment by Seller: Have you been bored at home? Good news! You can ship your own merchandise. FBS allows you (the seller) to physically handle the shipping yourself.
  2. Third-Party Logistics (3PL) suppliers: If FBS isn’t the right option for you, you might even be able to help out a local small business with the alternative. Third-Party Logistic companies offer the exact same services as Amazon — however off-site, and have been equally as swapped as Amazon’s FBA centers in light of COVID-19

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, most Amazon sellers would use Amazon’s FBA centers to fulfill upwards of 90% of their orders. Today, many have shifted to 75%+ percent 3PL in order to meet customer demand. This option allows you greater control of your inventory after it has left your premises. 

While the debate between FBA and FBS during normal times isn’t clear-cut; during this time of crisis, FBS offers a very attractive solution to Amazon’s lengthy delays for non-essential items. 

Tip: That said, even prior to the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, several top sellers have already revealed that at times, 3PLs have helped cut costs due to much more attractive storage and shipping rates.

Start Selling Your Products on Amazon ASAP 

Shopping patterns have sharply shifted to online as people practice responsible social distancing. Don’t wait any longer. We truly encourage all readers to: Stay home, stay safe and list your products on Amazon if you want to stay afloat through these times of economic uncertainty! Whether you have products sitting on your closed shop shelves or are doing product research to start an online business, all new sellers should be acting now to get a slice of this market.


how to sell products on Amazon

“An Amazon associate wearing personal protective equipment” Amazon | Washington Business Journal

Still Learning How to Sell Products on Amazon?

This is a business, and there is a lot too it. Stay tuned for our advanced articles and tutorials teaching you how to sell on amazon step by step, creating your own Amazon Business Plan, Amazon Gated Categories, avoiding listing on amazon fees,  and more.

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