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How to sell products on Amazon

There is a lot to take in when you are learning how to sell products on Amazon. If you’re trying to learn how to become a seller on Amazon or a small shop looking to start selling product online, we’ve decided to add this  Legendary Legend as part of our free guide to selling on Amazon.

Best Seller Rank (BSR)

what is bsr how to sell products on amazon

This is a number or score assigned to each amazon product, Amazon, based on it’s sales volume and historical sale stats. This number is updated hourly and is a crucial component when finding products to sell on amazon.

Exact phrase search term

The type of search that allows buyers to search for products containing an exact sentence or phrase
rather than comparing a set of keywords in random order.

Gated categories
Gated categories require that a seller pass an Amazon approval process. Ungated categories
may be listed in by any seller. Check Amazon’s list before you buy a product

High return rate

A product return is the process of a customer taking previously purchased merchandise back to the retailer, and in turn receiving a refund in the original form of payment.

When someone is taking control over your listing and selling a product as if it is coming from you.

Incentivized reviews
Incentivized reviews are those where the seller offers free or discounted products to reviewers
in exchange for recipients writing their “honest opinion” of the item in an Amazon review.

If your listing is indexed for a keyword, that means it will show as a result when a customer
uses that search term in the Amazon search bar.

Inventory management
Inventory management supervises the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and from these facilities to point of sale.

Main keyword
This is the keyword that makes the most of the sales and has the highest volume of searches. Usually the main keyword is the most competitive keyword.

Product ranking
The process of increasing/improving your product’s organic position. Bringing your product
to page 1 for a specific keyword.

Production lead time
The manufacturing lead time is the period between the placement of an order and the shipment of the completed order to the customer.

Reviewing rate
Represents the amount of reviews obtained in a specific time.

Sales velocity
Sales velocity is a measure of how quickly a product is sold. In other words, it is the speed with which units are sold.

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Shipping Timeline
Period taken for a shipment (inventory) to reach its intended destination.

Storage fees
The amount charged by Amazon for keeping your inventory in their warehouses.




Like anyone optimizing a listing, this dictionary is a work in progress so please let us know if anything is unclear or has been missed.

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